Dr. Mark E. Barkey
Professor of  Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama 
Structural Durability and Fatigue Performance Group

Pressure Testing of Recyclable Transmission Lines (RTL's)

Toledo Metal Spinning PoP Cone Results


                          Video of Buckling Process

PoP-T01 was the first PoP cone to be tested.  This cone was not stiffened.
A hole was cut into this cone to measure the thickness of the wall.

To produce the photographic images of the cones, a background of white board was used in the back
and on the bottom of the cone.  The image was taken outside in full sunlight, with minimal shadow, using
a Canon 10D camera.  The image was processed using Corel Photo Paint, by applying the following steps:

-cropping the photo,
-color replacement from the near white backgound to pure white (tolerance of 5 units),
-with a final resampling for a width of 10 inches.

Since the color replace was applied only to the background, at most only the edges of the cone may have
some color error, although this should be minimal due to the large color difference between the cone and the background.

In the first two attempts (i.e. the first two images below), the cutout tool was used to cut around the image, with an eraser
tool used to clean up the edges, and a white fill for the exterior of the image mask.

An un-enhanced photo is shown below for comparison.

PoP-T01 cone after test.


PoP-T01 cone after test.

PoP-T01 cone after test, interior view.

PoP-T01 cone after test.

PoP-T01 cone after test, without image enhancement.

PoP-T01 cone after test, without image enhancement, photography setup.