Dr. Mark E. Barkey
Professor of  Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama 
Structural Durability and Fatigue Performance Group

Pressure Testing of Recyclable Transmission Lines (RTL's)

Toledo Metal Spinning PoP Cone Results

PoP-T07s video of buckling process

Pop-T07s has 5 stiffeners, and is in the same set as T05s, T06s, T07s, T08s.
The rings were 1/4 inch luan plywood, bonded to the shell by 3M Scotchweld DP-190 adhesive.
The laser scanner was not used in these tests, which allowed for a better tripod placement
for the video camera.

Five pair of x-rosette strain gages were applied to the cone, mid-way between the flange
and the first (largest) stiffening ring.  The gages were EA-06-125TM-120, GF 2.05, 2.08
for sections I and II.  The gages were approximately 1.2 inches appart, from center-line to
center-line of the gage pair.  These gages were have grids aligned in the axial and hoop
directions of the cone.

In addition to the gages, a grid was drawn on a portion of the cone, with appoximately one
inch squares.  The buckles initially formed between the first stiffener and the flange of the
cone.  Altogether, three rows of buckles were activated at higher pressures before the
test was terminated.

PoP-T07s before testing.

PoP-T07s strain gage pairs.

PoP-T07s with mounted strain gages.

PoP-T07s video setup.

PoP-T07s cone with two rows of buckles.

PoP-T07s cone with two rows of buckles.

PoP-T07s cone with three rows of buckles.

PoP-T07s after testing, exterior view.