Dr. Mark E. Barkey

Professor of  Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama
AEM 644 Engineering Fracture Mechanics

Textbook information:

Fracture Mechanics:  Fundamentals and Applications
3rd Edition
T. L. Anderson
Taylor and Francis Group; CRC Press
ISBN No.  0-8493-1656-1

Additional Course References:

Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics
90-247-2656-5 PB
(beware of math errors)

Strength and Fracture of Engineering Solids, 2nd edition
Felbeck and Atkins
Prentice Hall

Advanced Fracture Mechanics
Kanninen and Popelar
Oxford Science Publications

Principles of Fracture Mechanics
Prentice Hall

Preliminary List of Topics

                Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
                Elastic Plastic Fracture Mechanics
                Applications:  Failure Analysis, Testing

Griffith 1921 The Phenomena of Rupture and Flow in Solids

Inglis used the mathematical approximation of a degenerate ellipse to deduce
how a far field stress is related to local stresses.

Below is a link to information on ellipses.


Below is a link to a public domain finite element program that can read
ABAQUS input files.


Below is a link to a MatLab Rainflow Counting Program


Here is a link to an Excel Add-in for creating Polar Plots:

Note:  it works well if you grid your data evenly by 1 degree increments (0-360 degrees).
You may want to offset the angle by 270 degrees to align with Cartesian system.
You may need to adjust the output cells so it does not overwrite your data.
The data selected should be your r-values, and the data is organized in theta, r1, r2, r3, ... columns.

Thanks to the AJP Excel Information website.