Dr. Mark E. Barkey

Professor of  Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama
AEM 535 Applied Finite Element Analysis

Useful Links

Altair Engineering (Makers of Hypermesh and Hyperworks)

Dessault Systems, Simulia ABAQUS software maker (formerly HKS ABAQUS)

Crimson Editor (text editor)

A note about "tonne" and "ton":

    A tonne is mass unit of 1000 kg.
    1000 kg weighs 2240 lbs under standard conditions.  In the US, this is often called a "metric ton".
    A ton is a US measure of weight.  A ton is 2000 lbs.

Pipe Schedule Chart

Pipe Chart with Weights

EPRI Grade 22 Low Alloy Steel Handbook

ASTM Tensile Specimen Design


FEA:  Only as Good as the Operator (ASME website)

FEA:  Garbage in, Garbage out (NASP Subrogator)

What does Ave. Crit. 75% in the ABAQUS legend mean?

Information about Shape Functions

University of Colorado


How to set up HyperMesh

PDF Lectures/Notes

Lecture 1:  Introduction and the Spring Element

Lecture 2:  Units in FEA

Lecture 3:  Basics of HyperMesh

Lecture 4:  Importing and Running an Analysis in ABAQUS

               Zipped Folder of HyperMesh files, Input Files to Import into ABAQUS, and ABAQUS-CAE file (bad mesh with duplicated nodes)

                Zipped Folder of HyperMesh files, Input File to Import into ABAQUS, and CAE files from Tegrity Videos

Lecture 5:  Linearity and Symmetry

Lecture 6:  Discussion of Plate with a hole/Covergence Analysis (Refer to Tegrity Video)

             Zipped Folder of HyperMesh/ABAQUS files from Tegrity Video on Plate with a Hole/Convergence Analysis

Lecture 7:  Element Solution Space, First and Second Order Elements