Structural Durability and Fatigue Performance Group

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama


   QTEST Machine Calendar

    Computational Durability 

    Spot Welding Facility

    Thompson A-1 Spot Welder

    Robotic Spot Welder (2016) is available in Material Science and Engineering (MTE)  Contact Dr. Luke Brewer.

   Servo-Hydraulic Testing Laboratory

The servo-hydraulic testing facilties were consolidated in the College of Engineering in 2012.
The frames from my lab in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department were combined
with a test frame from the Civil Engineering Department and three new test frames to make
the Advanced Materials Testing Lab.  The Materials testing lab is served by a common hydraulic
pump system that is used by the Civil Structures Lab for large scale testing and earthquake simulation.

The pump system is an MTS multi-pump system with a total capacity of 720 GPM of hydraulic oil flow.

The information below list the servo-hydraulic testing capabilities.

The servo-hydraulic lab capabilities include uniaxial specimen testing in load
control or displacement control, and a multiaxial bending-torsion frame for
various structural tests in load or displacement control.

    The lab uses MTS equipment, most of which has been purchased since 1995 and include major upgrades in 2012.

Various other instrumentation, grip faces, and miscellanious equipment is available.  A machine shop is also available
for the College of Engineering to make specialty fixtures.

    Additional High Temperature Facilities (contact Dr. Mark Weaver in MTE)

    an ATS 2500 lever arm creep tester (manual)  with a tube furnace for up to 1100 C in air
    a creep frame with an Oxy-gon BJ1 bell jar vacuum chamber furnace for vacuum or inert gas

    The creep frames may need to be connected to power and may need some minor repair/maintenance.


   Dynamic Data Acquisition Systems

   Strain Gauge, Microscopy, and Photography Facilities

  X-ray Facilities

    Useful Links

    The following list of resources is to document equipment suppliers that I have found to be useful.

     Kipper Tools:
           Hand Tools
                (spanner wrenches for spiral washers on testing machines, specifically
                 J.H. Williams pinned spanner wrench O-474 for 2.00 in. to 4.75 in. diameter shafts
                 about $40 per wrench in 2001)

    Mobil Oil:
                Mobil DTE-25 Hydraulic Oil used in MTS 30 GPM Silentflo Pump
                Site contains MSDS information, and techinical specifications.
                For local Distributor Location information, contact the Customer
                Response Center at 1-800-662-4525 and select Prompt# 4
                [Local Distibutor is West Oil:  (205) 759-2553
                about $30/Five Gallon Bucket in 2001
                about $300/55 Gallon Drum in 2004]

    Material Testing Technologies (MTT)
                Grip adaptors, universal joints, threaded studs, etc. for servohydraulic testing

    Harris Thermal Products:
                Heat Exchanger for MTS 505.30 Silent Flo pump
                Model number EKTS-1024-R
                [about $650 in 2004]

    Tuscaloosa Power and Rubber Supply
                 Hydraulic hoses and fittings

    National Instruments
                Computer Data Acquisition Products

    Pressure Gages and Bolts

Alabama Bolt & Supply
5200 Old Montgomery hwy.

(1) 1/4" NPT flow control valve 5000 psi steel body,
(1) 1/4" NPT hi pressure nipple
(1) Pressure gage, glycerin filled, 1/4 NPT bottom mount, 0-5000 psi,
  with 2.5" dial

installed on silentflo pump in 2009 after three pressure gage failures

Mfr:  Noshok1010
         West Bagley Road
         Berea, OH 44017

 Model 25-300-5000

21/2" dial, all brass case, 5000 psi. 1/4"NPT connection, bottom mount.

purchased from:

Alabama Bolt & Supply
5200 Old Montgomery hwy.
Select A Model 300 Dial Size

2 ½ Inch 40-300
4 Inch

2 ½ Inch Dial Size
 Size & Model Number:
NPT Connection Size & Type:

Model Specifications:
Standard Pressure Ranges:
Dial Configurations:

Options & Accessories:
Ordering Information:
Special Ordering:  25-300
1/4" NPT Brass Bottom Connection
7/16"-20 SAE (Stocked in Ranges Indicated with (*) Below)
Stock Model Specifications
30 inHg Vacuum to through to 15,000 psi
Single Scale psi
Dual Scale psi/kPa,  psi/kg/cm²,  psi/bar
Regularly Stocked Options & Accessories
Ordering Information Sheet
Contact Us for Details on Custom Configurations

    X-ray developer
Changed from two part developer/fixer to single part solution in 2009
Kodak Industrex developer replenisher p/n 104-3017 Kodak Industrex LO (low odoor) fixer and replenisher p/n 163-4559

The chemicals were purchased from:

Newco, Inc.
2811 W. Palmetto St.
Florence, SC 29501 *800/545-9729* Toll Free
*843/669-2988* Tel.
*843/664-0197* Fax