Dr. Mark E. Barkey

Professor of  Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama


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M. E. Barkey
Phone:  (205) 348-1621
FAX:  (205) 348-7240
Structural Durability and Fatigue Performance Group
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AEM Department

Research on the 
Mechanical Behavior of 
Spot Welds and Joints
Unique Structural Test Development:
Pressure Buckling Tests of Recyclable Transmission 
Lines for Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy Reactor
Manufacturing with 100 kVA Spot WelderStrain Gage MeasurementsFatigue Testing
Buckled RTL ConeStrain Gaged RTL Cone Before TestBuckled Shape Measured by Laser Scanner
Finite Element Analysis Gallery
Mechanical Testing Gallery
Recent Projects:  Sponsor:
Strength of Weld-Bonded Joints DaimlerChrysler
Buckling Tests of Thin-Walled Shells--
Recyclable Transmission Lines
Sandia National Laboratories

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