Dr. Mark E. Barkey

Professor of  Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama
AEM 649 Fatigue Analysis

Project Materials (ZIP file) 

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Crimson Editor

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Sample Fortran Programs

Print log-log graph paper:  http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/logarithmic/

Chapter 1 from Former Textbook

Chapter 2 from Former Textbook

Chapter 3 from Former Textbook

Fatigue Testing Lab Tour

        Ewing and Humfrey, 1903.  The Fracture of Metals under Repeated Alternations of Stress.

        The Fatigue of Metals H.F. Moore and J. B. Kommers
        Wohler's paper:  DJVU file viewer required (starts at page viewer page 66) 

        Jump to Wohler and Rail Industry Information

        FKM Design Guideline for Stress Life Approach; Mckelvey, Lee, Barkey 2012

        Zentech fracture properties unit conversions



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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is the last free version and it runs on windows XP or earlier.

I run it in windows XP mode on my windows 7 professional computer (windows 7 home edition does not support XP mode).

I canít tell you if it is possible to get it to run on windows 8.


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Here is a link to details about damage tolerant design philosophy:



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Here is a link to NASA Fatigue Crack Growth database



wheel set

wheel set with side frame truck parts
Train Wheel Set  (Wiki Commons page) Wheel set with side frame truck parts

August Wohler from    The Fatigue of Metals H.F. Moore and J. B. Kommers  

Wohler whohler bio

test data