Dr. M. E. Barkey
Structural Durability and Fatigue Performance Group
at The University of Alabama

Pressure Testing of Recyclable Transmission Lines (RTL's)

Toledo Metal Spinning Cone Results

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Toledo Metal Spinning Cones
Eight cones were produced with a method called metal spinning.  These cones contain one vertical
weld seam, and one cirumferential (and angled) weld near the tip of the cone.  These cones are also
slightly thicker than the SNL cone.  Because of the manufacturing process, the appearance of these
cones are much more uniform than the SNL cone.
Pessure Test Results of the Toledo Metal Spinning Cones
    T-1    T-2   T-3   T-4    T-5   T-6   T-7   T-8

All values listed on these pages should be considered preliminary until listed in the final report.

Cone Designation Initial / Ultimate
Buckling Pressure (psi)
Measured Thickness(in) Notes:
SNL 0.33 / 0.64 0.023 pressure values from video only
T1 1.67 / 1.67 0.035 test time = 450 sec
T2 1.40 / 1.70 0.035 test time = 7 sec
T3 1.20 / 1.57 0.035 test time = 350 sec
T4 1.2*/1.5* 0.035 *no electronic data; visual only; laser scans
T5 1.37 / 1.57 0.035 test time = 3000 sec;
laser scans
T6 1.55 / 1.62 0.035 test time = 1800 sec;
laser scans
T7 1.55 / 1.70 0.035 test time = 3500 sec;
laser scans every inch
T8 1.44/ --- 0.035 test time = 2600 sec;
laser scans every inch;
test terminated after initial buckling