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AEM 250 Mechanics of Materials

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Directions to SERC 2011

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Chapter 2 Problems 

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How to Access My Tegrity Videos for Hints and Worked Out Homework Problems

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Dr. Philpot's Mec-Movies

Detailed Statics Example Problems

Examples of Structures that may be on your Exam I and other exams

Example Problems for Indeterminate Axial Loading Problems

Figure for Development of Shear Stress from Torsion

Example for Indeterminate Torsion, Materials in Series (3 segments)

Example for Indeterminate Torsion, Materials in Series (3 segments), find Torque for allowable stress levels

Example for Shear and Moment Diamgram with Triangular Distributed Load

Solutions for 6.3-25 and 6.4-1 from 3rd Edition Craig

Example Problem for Mohr's Circle of Stress (2-D)

Example Problem for Pressure Vessels

Homework/Project Handouts:

Exam Cover Page--Please review before taking your exams (see "sticky notes" on the document)

Homework Handout--Centroids and Moments of Inertia

Moments of Inertia of Common Sections

Problem Number 1 for Exam III

Homework Handout--Combined Loading

Appendix C of textbook missing from some CD-ROMs

Appendix G of textbook missing from some CD-ROMs

Answers to odd problems, 3rd edition Craig
    Note:  This is a zip format file.  On a PC, right click and select extract or uncompress.
    Once uncompressed, the files are in PDF format.  Caution:  I have noticed that not
    all of the answers are correct.


How to Access My Tegrity Videos for Hints and Worked Out Homework Problems

    The format is Microsoft Windows Media Player Version 9.0
    These files are large, and should probably only be used with a high-speed internet connection.
    In Part 1:  I compute (50 - 100)/2 and say +25.  I correct this mistake later in the video.
    If you cannot watch the video, the wording of the problem is the same as problem 8.5-13 plus 8.6-1
    in the textbook.

Mohr's Circle Example:
    Part 1:  The Basics
    Part 2:  The Principal Stress State
    Part 3:  The Maximum In-plane Shearing Stress State
    Part 4:  The Absolute Maximum Shearing Stress

Column End Conditions:
    End Conditions and Effective Lengths