Dr. Mark E. Barkey

Professor of  Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
The University of Alabama
AEM 250 Mechanics of Materials

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Lecture Slides
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Lecture 1:  Introduction and Axial Normal Stress

Lecture 2:  Extensional Strain, Stress-Strain Diagrams

Lecture 3:  Temperature Effects, Hooke's Law & Poisson's Ratio

Lecture 4:  Shear Stress and Strain

Lecture 5:  Design of Structures/Stresses on an Inclined Plane

Lecture 6:  St. Venant's Principle; E-G-nu relation

Lecture 7:  General Stress and Strain, Resultant Forces and Moments

Lecture 8:  3-D Hooke's Law & Questions and Answers

Lecture:  Questions and Answers

Lecture 9:  General Axial Deformation, Strain at a Point

Lecture 10:  Determinate and Indeterminate Axially Loaded Structures

Lecture 11:  Indeterminate Axially Loaded Structures

Lecture 12:  Thermal Loads and Misfits

Lecture 13:  Shear Stress and Rotational Deformation from Torsion

Lecture 14:  Stress on an Inclined Plane in Torsion; Stress in Assemblages

Lecture 15:  Indeterminates in Torsion

Lecture 16:  Beam Statics

Lecture 17:  Beam Statics, Shear and Moment Diagrams

Lecture 18:  Centroids and Moments of Inertia

Lecture 19:  Strain-Displacement Analysis of Beams

Lecture 20:  Bending Stress in a Beam

Lecture 21:  Transverse Shearing Stresses in Beams

Lecture 21b:  Transverse Shearing Stresses in Beams (for semesters when we have two days on Transverse Shearing Stresses)

Lecture:  Questions and Answers

Lecture 22:  Deflection of Beams with one Moment Equation

Lecture 23:  Deflection of Beams--Matching Boundary Conditions

Lecture 24:  Statically Indeterminate Beams

Lecture 25:  Stress Transformation (Plane Stress)

Lecture 26:  Maximum Normal and Shear Stress States; Introduction to Mohr's Circle

Lecture 27:  2-D Mohr's Circle

Lecture 28:  Absolute Maximum Shear Stress and 3-D Mohr's Circle

Lecture 29:  Transformation of Plane Strain, Mohr's Circle of Strain

Lecture 30:  Strain Gage Rosettes, Applications

Lecture 31:  Thin Walled Pressure Vessels

Lecture 32:  Combined Loading

Lecture 33:  Combined Loading Examples

Lecture:  Questions and Answers

Lecture 34:  Euler Buckling Formula for Pin-ended Columns

Lecture 35:  Buckling Formula for Fixed-Pinned Columns and Other End Conditions

Lecture 36:  Stress Concentrations

Lecture 37:  Failure Criteria:  Maximum Principal Stress, and Maximum Shear Stress Theories

Lecture 38:  Failure Criteria:  Von Mises Criterion (Maximum Distortion Energy)

Lecture: Preparation for Final Exam, Questions and Answers for the Semester


Lectures from Spring 2015